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September 11 – Weaving

All the many ways to weave with different types of cord and materials.

Let’s try our nature weaving skills first. We’ll use macrame cord to build a “loom” between trees where the kids can use sticks, grass, flowers and other found objects to weave with nature. We can leave this up at the end of the day for others to enjoy.

Next we’ll try building our own looms with cardboard and string. These will be something portable that they can take outdoors and continue building, then bring home too. We could also do the cardboard circle weaving with just string, or however they like.

Bring any sturdy string, yarn, cord or even grass you’d like to share – even long-stemmed flowers for our large loom. Please bring scissors, so we have enough for everyone. We can talk about all the different ways to use the same materials to construct usable items, like knitting, crochet, basket-making. If anyone wants to bring samples of those things to share – both for touching and discussing the skills themselves – that would be great.


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  1. I have a small hand loom I’ll bring that anyone can try. I also have macrame cord for the large loom, some smaller yarns we use for crafting, and some knitting and basketry projects we can show. If someone wants to cut up bits of rectangular or square cardboard for personal looms, I’d appreciate it. My cardboard is being used as a fort currently, and it is “not ready to come down!”