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September 18 – Rainbow Week

Sample star – and here’s a video tutorial

We’re starting the day by setting up our charcoal grill to cook some rainbow food for our shared meal. Using the grill isn’t mandatory, but it should be fun! Annie is making GF blue cornbread, Dace will bring veggie chili, Christine will bring something sweet and orange, and I will bring something yellow – probably corn pudding – to cook on the grill. Aspin’s bringing something purple. Between chili toppings and sides, we can hopefully cover all the colors and make a beautiful rainbow table. Please bring dishes and utensils to cover your family.

Once we’ve set up our charcoal cookery, we’ll launch into the window stars (shown above with tutorial link). Dace is bringing the kite paper. I’ll bring some origami paper and printouts for easy animal folds while we’re folding colorful things. If you’d also like to make a lantern, google “waldorf lantern” or “michaelmas” (samples below) and come with a jar or some paper to make the version you like best.

Two resources to explain Waldorfian-style Michaelmas, or the Festival of Strong Will, including stories to tell, are here and here. The holiday is celebrated September 29 this year.

Please comment to volunteer to bring a chili side, add project materials to our stockpile or change the food items you’re bringing. See you next week!


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