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September 25 – Painted Leaves + Sticks

Switching to a different project this week in order to accommodate Dace’s absence – we’ll delay the window stars on her behalf.

Let’s bring acrylic paints and brushes to share, along with some brushes. We can collect inspiring nature stuff and turn it into artwork with paint or sharpies. If you have cool sticks, rocks or shells at home, bring those. It may also be fun to try painting with whatever we’ve collected. Please bring acrylic paint and brushes.

Shared food! Continuing the group meal fun with minestrone soup. Please volunteer in the comments for whatever ingredients (list below) strike your fancy. We decided to bring our own sides for this, as some are GF and some aren’t.

We can all chop + cook on site, even the kids, provided we have enough utensils to share. I’ll bring a cutting board, knife and a large stockpot. If others can bring cutting utensils, we won’t have to use the IHCC’s nasty one…

Vegan + Gluten-Free Minestrone Recipe

(Based on this recipe) What We Need:

4 celery stalks Kristen
1-2 cups green beans Kristen
4 large fresh tomatoes or 2 cans diced Kristen
4 cups vegetable broth Christine N
Potatoes + corn Annie
3 cloves garlic Aspin
1 package gluten-free pasta noodles Aspin
1 cup spinach
Herbs + spices Christine
Half pound cooked beans Christine
2 zucchini or yellow squash Christine
1 medium white or yellow onion Amanda
4 large carrots Amanda

I’m bringing all the herbs, zucchini/squash, and the broth for cooking white beans to start us off. I’ll also bring either cornbread muffins or bread to share.

Please share what you’re bringing in the comments!


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  1. Sorry I’m late. I can bring broth. Is that all that’s needed? I’ll try to bring some cornbread too. Things are so crazy here right now, I will not make it anywhere near 10am. I’ll aim for 11:00 so there’s still time for the soup to cook before lunch

  2. We will bring diced tomatoes, celery, and green beans. We will have hummus and gf crackers to share.