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October 2 – Artist Trading Cards, Sushi + Window Stars

It’s a smorgasbord! We’ll start the day with Artist Trading Cards, little business-card-sized pieces of art. Not a lot of commitment, but they’re pretty fun to make. Bring some scissors, glue, and any old magazines we can cut up. Annie and I will bring a variety of pens and some pre-cut paper.

If you sign in here with your Jeffco library card, CreativeBug classes are free. Watch the Artist Trading Cards one if you’d like to prep for next week. Or just come and be surprised!

Then we’ll prep rice for sushi. If you’d like to partake, bring enough nori sheets to cover your family members and any additional ingredients you’d like. I have loads of rice and seasoning, carrots, seasoned tofu, cucumber, and sliced scrambled eggs, maybe an avocado if one looks decent.

After lunch, we’ll make some tea and fold those window stars we’ve been thinking about for so long… if we can figure out how!

So, checklist:
magazines or stickers
nori sheets (optional)
sushi filling of choice (optional)

Upcoming items: October 9 there is no collective. We’re discussing hiking Mt Falcon (near the IHCC) or Staunton State Park.


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  1. We’re bringing soy sauce, sriracha (I had to look up how to spell that) sauce, and wasabi to share. I’m hoping at least one of our avocados is ripe by tomorrow, too.