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November 13 – Collections + (More) Needle Felting

The way some people collect things…

It’s fun to share the things that inspire us! This week, we’re bringing our collections to present and share. These do not have to be fancy, or even grouped and labelled – just bring whatever you guys collect. For example, we have jars of found glass, pinned bugs, myriad rocks and plenty of stuffies! I don’t know what we’ll end up bringing. We’ll set up tables to showcase these and take turns “presenting” them as much as we wish or are able.

Next up, lunch, followed by games, tea + snacks. I’ll bring herbal teas, sugar and dairy milk to share and the kids can bake GF, DF pumpkin cookies for a snack. Bring a game your kids are loving right now and any craft/holiday-themed books for us to browse.

This needle craft was so popular, we’re doing it again! So if you have wool to contribute or even thick shipping envelopes lined with plastic bubbles (we use these as stabbing placemats), we’d love more supplies. It was so exciting to make this craft, kids kept rotating through the four available stations much of the day. Zero acorns were made.

This week, please bring:
Your collections – yours and the kids, if you like. If your people really collect nothing, bring something cool to share show-and-tell style.
Lunch! Snacks!
A game or puzzle to share
Needle felting supplies
Cold-weather gear – this place was FULL of snow last week!


  • November 20 – Friendsgiving! Let’s plan dishes + decor for a big (but simple) holiday meal together.
    • I’d also love to decorate and stuff bags for the homeless, if anyone is interested in bringing items for this. We’ve done chapsticks/balms, mittens, socks, beanies, handwarmers, and then food items – instant coffee packets, jerky/protein/nut bags, granola bars and waters. We hand these out the window when we see people in need, and it usually starts getting cold now. Let’s discuss this!
  • November 27 – No Wildlings. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
  • December 4 – Wool stocking or mitten-making. Start hunting for feltable sweaters at Goodwill or Arc now! One large male sweater, felted, makes a single stocking or two pairs of kid-sized mittens – sometimes both if you have tiny kids!
  • December 11 – Last day of semester. Theme possibilities: Kids’ art fair! Embroidery! Cookie decorating! Pioneer day with candles, needlework + old-timey games! Your idea!

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  1. Twelve more things I forgot :

    Annie’s bringing things for finishing our plantain into balm/salve. I’ll bring some extra beeswax, but everyone who wants to participate should bring containers/jars and their oil. If you have beeswax, that’s great too. How much we need depends on what you’re making.

    Aspin has a pile of leather bookmarks to share. She’s bringing a wood-burner, if people want to mess around with that (and use the balm we’re making right away!). I also have leather-working tools. So we can burn the leather and/or carve + draw or hole-punch it. Or practice all of these things!

    And Angela and Caleb will be joining us this week, too!