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November 20 – Hand Sewing, Cardboard Play + a Wrap Party Lunch

Too much? Possibly, but we’re whipping through projects lately, so…

Let’s sew something! Please bring your scrap felt + fabric this week for some sewing practice. These pictures look super feminine, which wasn’t my intention. But as Wilder has sewn a knife, I swear there are more gender-neutrally inspiring things that I can’t find pictures of in a pinch! We’ll let the kids browse fabric and be inspired by whatever speaks to them. I have loads of extra buttons that I can bring and beginner sewing books. If anyone wants to bring a machine, that’s great too.

For lunch, we’ve decided to avoid the holiday foods and have a fun group meal everyone can customize. Please bring a few ingredients to make wraps for your family – tortillas, pitas, naan, however you roll (get it?) – an inside ingredient, and a side. These options should make a good salad rather than a wrap, if you’re so inclined.

Inspiration! Any kind of spread, cheese, veggies, fruit, sliced meat and nuts/seeds will do! Highly customizable lunching.

Bring your cardboard boxes, scissors + duct tape for a great building mess! We’ll start this after lunch, so we get some outside time first.

If anyone wants to bake anything, the oven is available! Otherwise, we can make stovetop salted +/or caramel popcorn for a snack.

This week, please bring:
Lunch ingredients, see above, plus a side to share
Plates + utensils for your family
Cardboard boxes to cut up + scissors
Scrap fabric + felt, any sewing supplies you’ll need
Snow gear – I’ll check again on Tuesday, but come prepared!
Game or puzzle to share


  • November 27 – No Wildlings. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
  • December 4 – Wool stocking or mitten-making. Start hunting for feltable sweaters at Goodwill or Arc now! One large male sweater, felted, makes a single stocking or two pairs of kid-sized mittens – sometimes both if you have tiny kids! Use these directions for felting your sweater finds. They’ll need to be preshrunk before we start our project.
  • December 11 – Last day of semester. We’ve had suggestions: Bead ornaments! Group gingerbread house! Kids’ art fair! Embroidery! Cookie decorating! Pioneer day with candles, needlework + old-timey games! A holiday toy drive! Your idea!

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  1. We’ll bring at least tortillas and maybe another wrap bread flavor, honey turkey, cheese slices, greens of whatever variety look yummy tomorrow morning, tomatoes, maybe pepperocinis, and mustard.

  2. For the wraps, I’ll bring sriracha carrot hummus, shredded red cabbage, cream cheese, sliced turkey and a tamari seed mix.