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December 11 – Pioneer Morning + PM Theatre

We’re power-free this morning! Just for the two hours before lunch, never fear. We’ll use this time to craft a yarn doll, practice whittling and take turns stringing popcorn on twine by candlelight. If anyone wants to make + write with berry ink, or any other pioneer-type craft or game, please bring the supplies (or ask for items in the comments). We’ll wrap our popcorn string around a tree outside to feed the birds for the holidays.

At lunchtime, the power returns! I will bring some banana bread to share for a teatime snack. If anyone has a GF recipe to bring or bake there, that would be lovely.

After lunch, we’ll hang some sheets for the kids to conduct theater experiments. Bring your kids’ costume elements of choice and any cardboard pieces (to create backdrops). We’re bringing a face paint kit. I have sheets to hang, play silks and a few costume bits + pieces, plus tempera paints and a tarp for backdrop creation.

Please bring any handwork or small crafts you’d like to work on while we are “entertained.” I’ll be working on holiday gifts.

This week, please bring:
Lunch for your family
GF/DF banana bread
Yarn for doll-making or a knife + wood piece to whittle
Costume supplies
Large pieces of cardboard
Cold-weather gear
Game or puzzle to share


  • December 18 – Cookie Swap at the Emming house from 12-4pm. Open-ended play session, starting with finger sandwiches, fruit and veggies. Bring 2 dozen cookies to share (but know we’ll probably eat most of them, rather than the traditional “swap” style – this has been my experience with kid-swaps). Label your treats (i.e. “GF”) so we can eat safely. The kids can play, indoors or out, and then we’ll have tea and cookies, then play more.
  • Second semester begins January 29 @ IHCC.

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