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February 5 – Pajamas, Puzzles + Playdough

Brought to you by the letter P.

Please wear your favorite jammies! We’ll be comfy and cozy this week in our bedtime gear. Which feels like the perfect time to make puzzles, if you’re into those. If not, bring your board games! Or crafts!

Let’s mix up our own play dough! This will be a no-bake, no cream of tartar recipe from the video below AND we’ll try the galactic version with glitter here. If you’d like to use natural food coloring, please bring your favorite ingredients. I will bring grocery store food colors to use, and some turmeric for yellow.

NOTE: If you or your kids are topically allergic to gluten, there are alternate recipes here and here. We’ll make a separate table for play.

We can also bake our finished creations – baking isn’t necessary unless you want to keep them.

This week, please bring:
Your $125 check for this semester

We will need flour, salt and a natural dye ingredient to make your favorite dough color (or just use food coloring!)

Playdough accessories – plastic animals, cutting implements, cutouts, toothpicks, and any nature elements your kids like

Snacks + lunch for your family
Cold-weather gear – new snow + icy parking lot!
Game or puzzle to share


  • February 12: Physical Fractions + Symmetry. We’re also planning to exchange Valentine’s cards/treats. Discussion at tea time this week – bring your ideas!
  • February 19: Break! Sorry, that feels super soon now….

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