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February 26 – Solar System + Snow Forts

We’ll do these things in whatever order the kids want, probably based on the cold. Brings lots of tea, chai or hot chocolate mix!

This week we’ll let the kids organize a balloon planet series, hung from the ceiling and labelled, with stars and orbiting moons, for the kids to walk around and under. Please bring any balloons you might have lying around (we have a few) and other solar system support materials. We’ll use balloons, string and labels to make our solar system – I envision we can hang them from the ceiling somehow.

Snow fort village! Please bring a shovel and winter gear, so we can build a snow village. Decorate your child’s fort with flags, or signage. Or bring a spray bottle we can fill with watercolor paint for arting up the snow.

Let’s discuss the yearbook project, too. I found a place we can print smaller quantities of full color, 6×9 copies for about $6 each, plus shipping. I can bulk order to save s&h, or you can order by the link provided once we upload the final copy. Alternately, if you’re saving money or not interested in more paper, I can send you a PDF file to keep.

This week, please bring:
Balloons! Any solar system support materials
A game or a puzzle to share
Snacks + lunch for your family
Cold-weather gear – new snow + icy parking lot!


  • March 4: We’ve got mason jar candle-making on tap, or we can talk about dipping candles. Let’s discuss materials and what we’d prefer to buy/make. Basket weaving is also a consideration. We can also weave with paper and bring the ever-popular felting supplies.

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