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March 4 – Beeswax Candles + Chili Bar

This week, we’re hand dipping some beeswax candles! Should be very exciting and probably a bit messy. We’ll cover the tables with newspaper. If you have some, please bring it so we can spread out. Tutorials for this project are here and there’s a video here for prize-winning technique – you know, for when we sell our wares….

I’ll be heading out tomorrow (Monday) for beeswax and wicking, and I will grab enough for several families to share. Text me if you’d like me to buy supplies for you as well. We can split up the cost once I know what it is. Please bring your mini crock pots, those who offered last week, so that we can heat the wax. We’ll be working in small groups, a few at a time. If anyone has a laundry drying rack we can cover and use for hanging candles, that would be great!

Chili for lunch! I’ll bring a veggie chili to share. Whoever wants to make a meat chili or any other kind, please feel free. We can use the mugs, or bring bowls and spoons. Let’s share toppings and sides! Feel free to opt out of this, if it’s all too much.

Also, I did not get very good photos of last week. If anyone misses the image post of what we did, please send me your awesome pics.

This week, please bring:
Beeswax + candle wicking (or text me to grab you some!)
Chili + fixin’s for a shared lunch
A game or a puzzle to share
Extra snacks
Cold-weather gear – still snow + an icy parking lot!


  • March 11: Exploring heritage. Do you know your families’ origins? Let’s bring maps, memorabilia, stories, photos – whatever you have – to describe our family trees (however that looks for you). We’ll also bring a family recipe for the group to taste.
  • March 18: Fairy houses! Start collecting materials for these exciting projects now! To complete our spring theme, we can make spring rolls with edible flowers, if there are any clover, dandelion or violets poking out at your house (or at your store).

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