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March 11 – Family Trees

We’ll expore our family’s heritage, starting with you, the mama. I have papers for interested children to fill out about their mothers, plus lots of family tree printables to choose from if you wish to dive deeper. Bring maps, memorabilia, stories, photos – whatever you have – to describe our family trees. Toys and objects from your own youth are wonderful to share, or something from your parents’ time.

We’ll also bring a family recipe for the group to taste. This can be something your family cooks often or a holiday recipe that’s usually just for once a year. Anything from your family works, whether or not it’s typical of your heritage or ethnic group.

For alternate activities, I’ll bring more coloring this week and the felting supplies, if anyone else wants to bring their stuff to share.

This week, please bring:
A family recipe for the adventurous eaters to taste
Lunch + extra snacks
A game or a puzzle to share
Cold-weather gear – still snow + an icy parking lot!


  • March 18: Fairy houses! Start collecting materials for these exciting projects now! To complete our spring theme, we can make spring rolls with edible flowers, if there are any clover, dandelion or violets poking out at your house (or at your store).
  • March 25: Break week.
  • April 1: Break week again! April fools. Let’s discuss topics for this week, hopefully something outdoor-based because we’re all ready to BE outside. Archery/bow-and-arrow building is one choice, or whittling. Another is trying to purify stream water (assuming some flows) with different materials. Or your idea!

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