Passing Time @ the Emmings

Picture from before the snow wrecked our picnic habit.

Our loose-knit “schedule” normally includes lots of out-of-house activity, so we blast into schooly activities right away. But now we are home constantly, AND have George at home, checking in, telling us to be quiet when he has conference calls. No running to the craft store to follow our inspirations or the grocery store because we’re craving muffins with blueberries. It’s all very different.

Mostly we’ve been trying to stay outside, picnicking, wandering the sidewalks and trails, but then the snow. Maybe by Monday, we’ll be outside much of the day again. I have plans and seeds, and the kids have their digging hole. We tidied the tree house last Wednesday, before the storm, and it’s ready for afternoon drawing and read-alouds. My fave. Maybe soon? Cheers to entertaining your troops, friends.

Here’s what we did Thursday:

5:30am I wake up and write awhile with two cups of tea. the kids get up early and start making art and holding pets; they often watch iPads quietly til breakfast (the timer goes off at 7:30, making room for our day to begin)
7:30am chop potatoes for hash browns, make scrambled eggs
8am breakfast together, then George goes “to work” downstairs and our day explodes!

We do these things:

  • reading joke of the day (posted on our wall) – What is a cat’s favorite color? Purrrr-ple.
  • Wilder practices reading; Rosetta gets dressed; Wilder + I stay in pajamas for the day.
  • exercises for all
  • the kids read sight words on notecards while jumping up and downstairs
  • collaborative game + math game
  • video about building stomp rockets from recycled materials inspires some building activity. we don’t have enough plastic bottles, so it turns into a gecko obstacle course instead.
  • video about math doodling followed by our attempts
  • new snow inspires us to set out cups; they make “slushees” out of homemade lemonade and snow
  • readaloud: two chapters of The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden while the kids weave god’s eyes inspired by our fancy new library book and slurp their creations
  • our neighbor delivers the Restaurant Depot protein we’re sharing and we do math on an enormous sausage filled with 10# of ground beef. Wilder measures and chops it into 2-1/4″ pieces to make 10 rounds. Wrap and freeze and clean counters!
  • the kids paint the glow-in-the-dark bugs we poured from plaster of paris into molds the day before while we listen to podcasts of Money on the Sidewalk
  • we watch a stretching video that Rosetta and I try to follow….
  • a wrestling match follows when we are terrible at stretching.
  • our yarn stash inspires some finger knitting for cat toys; the cats seem to appreciate it.
  • lunch together, a leftover fiesta
  • we all head outside for a walk, the kids with umbrellas against the blowing snow and Maeve wearing the coat she hates.
  • come home completely soaked. make hot chocolate and reheat our danish from the freezer for poetry teatime. nobody wants to read poetry, though, so we read biographical picture books.
  • George starts a fire downstairs, and we bring magazines, art and books.

I jot all these things down in my notebook as we’re doing them, sometimes taking pictures. I plan from behind this way, which works more consistently for me than lesson planning.

By 3:30pm, we’re downstairs, working on separate projects before the fire. Another day threaded with crafts and activities and food, bursts of inspiration followed by body movement. It’s pretty typical, except now we’re not leaving…

Downstairs I carry a stack of 20 cookbooks to page through, looking for inspiration for all the pantry items and few fresh ingredients that I have right now. I was already out of kitchen ideas, feeling uninspired, as I often am by spring.

At 4:30 I begin a marathon of The Great British Baking Show. As always happens when we’re near the TV, people ask me for dinner early, at 5. I wait til the show ends. George has a prescription to grab at King Sooper’s, so we’ve ordered groceries. He only gets half of our order and his prescription isn’t ready.

Kids go to bed around 8pm, but I end up staying up til midnight to finish design work, and go upstairs, excited, with a long list of recipes.

I’d love to hear how everyone’s doingwhat you’re up to and what’s working. How we are all passing time. Your turn.

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  1. Wow! You put us to shame! Lol! J/K
    That was a nice write up of your day. Love all that you doing. Thanks for the links too! Getting more motivated to actually do stretches and exercises. Usually I just try to do yard work instead, until the snow came. 😜
    Miss you all!

    1. Yard work would also be lovely! We miss you all too. Enjoy the snow! I hope you have enough for one last round of sledding.

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