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Good morning! We’re planning to meet just as last week, but with a few considerations: more blankets! legit activities!

Please ask your kids what topic they’d like to explore with everyone. A little background prep so we can discuss these as a group and decide on next week, maybe a bit beyond, depending on the mood.

For this week – nobody wins! I’m choosing a papercraft that seems easy to set-up and clean. Based on the interest in dress-up last time, we’re doing paper hats and masks. Flexible upscaling for teens, and easy enough for the littles to enjoy. I will bring a variety of paper, scissors and random materials we have. Please bring whatever you’d like to share – glue, string, yarn, stickers, paper plates, eyeballs, tissue paper, anything. We’ll start the day setting up this invitation and see where it goes! Inspiring photos below.

Space Boundaries
Also, in using a new space together, issues will come up. Everyone is welcome to address needs that arise while we’re there or, if you’re uncomfortable (or don’t think of it til later – ahem, me), by email.

I’m going to start us off by adding some boundaries within our new space:
* the upstairs – sanctuary + offices are off limits entirely
* the kindergarten room with the office (I’ll pull the door shut) isn’t for play
* the closed cabinets and supplies in each room downstairs – whatever
exciting things we might find there are still not ours to use/play with
* throwing or kicking toys should be used outside

I will add a Quiet Room designation to an unused room downstairs. If anyone needs some space indoors to calm down, discuss an issue with a child, escape the heat/noise, write, work, or just hide for a bit, that’s what this space will be for.

Games + Activities Table
We will also begin the practice of setting up a table downstairs for shared games, puzzles and/or crafting materials. We will keep staining materials (markers, spaghetti sauce, paints, glue, etc.) to the main room, please.

This week, please bring:
Your kid’s/kids’ activity idea(s)
Shared supplies for paper hat + mask-making
A blanket
Lunch + snacks for your people
A game or puzzle to share

Anything I missed? Comment or email below. See you all on Monday!


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