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Also, subscribe to our email list to get session info directly. I’m posting this here to make it easier than ever to sign up. 😉

We’re playing with water this week, all sanctioned by church staff! Bring squirt guns for a water fight – no head squirting! prep your people – and a sprinkler for running through. We may try to build a water blob if anyone wants to gather materials for this (I cannot this week, alas). I will bring a sprinkler and some extra guns to share.

10 am – Free play / Rooms set for the day + indoor game tables set up
11 am – Water play – Set up water stations + collaborate about rules
12 pm – Lunch outside at picnic tables

Free play after water things are cleaned up. We can start doing tea time whenever, except it’s been so hot! Cleanup at 2:30pm.

Space Boundaries
And the issues keep coming up!

Since everyone took at least one turn in the Quiet Room, I’m going to speculate that we’re all feeling some overwhelm indoors. On top of last week’s space boundaries, we’re going to keep to the main area. We will open the room with couches and the Quiet Room to continued use, and block off the rest, including the kitchen. Until we all need to use it for lunch, or to make tea.

Again, everyone is welcome to address needs that arise while we’re there or, if you’re uncomfortable (or don’t think of it til later – ahem, me), by email.

Games + Activities Table
We set up the table downstairs for shared games, puzzles and/or crafting materials.

This week, please bring:
Your kid’s/kids’ activity idea(s) – sorry, I didn’t get to everyone
Water guns, swim gear, sunscreen + towels
Lunch + snacks for your people
A game, craft or puzzle to share

Anything I missed? Comment or email below. See you all on Monday!


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