We have one more slot to fill per location for fall semester, and we’re supplementing with drop-ins. Please fill out the form below, and review the list of dates we’ve settled on with our respective venues.

Cost this year per group will remain at $125 for each family. You will need to pay the fee twice to join both groups. Payment is due by cash or check on the first day of semester, or pay in advance via Venmo to @Christine-Emming. Please note: Because the pricing is set based on the number of attending families, your investment will be forfeited for skipped sessions or in the event that you change plans entirely and wish to quit the group.

Drop-in registration for trial runs is available.

Please fill out the form below to be considered for Fall Semester 2021.

Mondays in LakewoodWednesdays in Indian Hills
August 30September 1
September 13September 8
September 20September 15
September 27September 22
October 4October 6
October 11October 13
October 18October 20
October 25October 27
November 1November 3
November 8November 10
November 15November 17
November 29December 1
December 6December 8
December 13December 15
*Tentative dates until confirmed by rental facility.

If you’d prefer to do a trial run first, visit our drop-in page here.

Monday group planning is done. Here’s each session’s info, weekly.
Here’s our semester schedule for the Wednesday group.

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