Yep, we’re doing water again before the weather turns to legit fall. Bring water balloons, water guns, tubs for water, water chalk AND (plot twist) water colors – those are just for painting. All of the water things in one day. And maybe a change of clothes?

Also, here’s our semester schedule for the Monday group.

Can everyone bring a box of popsicles? I’m hoping it’s the last time, honestly.

10 am – Free play / Game table set up
Create obstacle course or decide on game to play together
Watercolors/water chalk set up + ready
11 am – Fill balloons + tubs with water
(Adult help to facilitate playing field + rule agreement prior to play will help
ensure fun is had by all.)

12 pm – Lunch outside in the shade + free play
1:30 pm – Popsicle time (maybe the last time?)
2:30 pm – Clean up + outside play
3 pm – End of our rental period

Games + Activities Table
We will continue to share a table of games, puzzles and/or crafting materials. Bring whatever calming materials your kids enjoy + can share. We will also continue with the quiet room, which can be used for board games.

This week, please bring:
Water guns + water balloons
A blanket/chairs/hammocks for outdoors
Lunch + snacks for your people
A game, craft or puzzle to share


Group Hike – Friday, September 17 @ 1pm (Waterton Canyon)
MAMA Hike – Saturday, September 18 @ 9am (Alderfer/Three Sisters)
Sept 20 –     Tie-dye week / Animal play
5-gallon buckets, tie dye colors, something to dye; your kid as an animal
Sept 27 –     LARPing – craft swords/shields/axes/battle gear + mock battle         Cardboard, pool noodles, duct tape, sheets of foam, sharpies

Looking to go even further into the future? Download our semester plan.

Anything I missed? Comment or email below.

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