We’re all about Rube Goldberg basics. This week we’ll explore simple machines or setting up reactions with whatever loose parts we can assemble. We’re looking, in particular, for rope, marbles, pulleys, wheels, battery-run motors + misc pieces for building/exploring motion physics (see link, link).

Side note: this OK GO! video is awesome and showcases a TON of processes we could use (and many we can’t) while entertaining us with music!

Please comment below with materials your family will bring so we have enough inspirational parts to go around.

Recyclable materials:

  • aluminum foil
  • plastic containers
  • cardboard
  • water bottles
  • toilet paper or paper towel tubes for chutes
  • cereal or cake mix boxes to use like dominoes
  • beverage cans, soup cans, or batteries to roll

Other items:

  • dominoes
  • funnels
  • marbles
  • golf balls
  • toy cars
  • string
  • buckets
  • cups or bowls
  • batteries
  • magnets

10 am – Free play while everyone arrives / Game/puzzle/coloring table set up indoors
Decide on group game to play together + play!
11 am – Begin project time
12 pm – Lunch outside in the shade + free play
2 pm – Tea + coffee time (bring mugs, tea + creamer for your fam)
3:30 pm – Clean up, then outside play
4 pm – End of our rental period

Games + Activities Table
We will continue to share a table of games, puzzles and/or crafting materials. Bring whatever calming materials your kids enjoy + can share.

This week, please bring:
Large paper, paint, crayons, glue sticks, etc
A blanket/chairs/hammocks for outdoors
Lunch + snacks for your people
A game, craft or puzzle to share


Group Hike – Friday, September 17 @ 1pm (Waterton Canyon)
MAMA Hike – Saturday, September 18 @ 9am (Alderfer/Three Sisters)
Sept 22     Papier-mache:  mask-making + paper-making       
Blender, buckets, misc paper/pulp, mask frames, screens for paper-making
Oct 6         Fairy Houses + Fairy Garden
Build individual fairy houses to take home + a fairy garden together that will stay on the property for further play + actual fairy living. Natural supplies (sticks, leaves, moss, stones) plus clay, nontoxic glue, etc.

Looking to go even further into the future? Download our semester plan.

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