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This week, we’re playing with all things squishy, slimy, and dough-y. If you have a 6-inch deep clean plastic bin for play, please bring it to house your sensory activity of choice, plus the tools + toys your kids like to use with it. Ideas, anyone? I know it sometimes seems like baby stuff, but my kids will still play with sensory bins for a good hour or more, and this will be loads of them. They can be relaxing, seasonal, or imaginary play – whatever you like.

Here’s who’s bringing what:
Play dough: Jessica
Taste/Smell guessing: Alison
Water beads: Leah
Kinetic sand: Monica
Up for grabs + unassigned: slime, oobleck, cloud dough, mud, sight-based guessing game.

We’ll also be making our own elephant toothpaste, hopefully a few times if we get enough ingredients. We won’t be breaking any records like Mark Rober, or this Guinness Book win, mostly because I don’t like to clean up – but even the small ones seem fun!

Games + Activities Table
We will continue to share a table of games, puzzles and/or crafting materials. Bring whatever calming materials your kids enjoy + can share.

This week, please bring:
The sensory item/game you chose/choose
A blanket/chairs/hammocks for outdoors
Lunch + snacks for your people
Please bring a game, craft or puzzle to share


October 8 – Group Hike – Friday @ 1pm – Mt Falcon West

October 11 –     Stop-motion (design + props, show) /  squishees
Devices for picture-taking, props, figure out how to use projector screen for the “show”
Squishee recipe ingredients (Leah)

October 16 @ 9am – MAMA Hike – Elk Meadow Stagecoach Trail

October 18 –     National Chocolate Cupcake Day! / Mask-making
We’ll bake cupcakes together from boxed mixes and icing ingredients. Mask-making stuff – forms, feathers, beads/jewels, paints, etc.

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  1. Totally forgot to mention that we’re doing a book club! The book is The Engineer’s Wife by Tracey Enerson Wood.

    From the website description: “Emily Warren Roebling refuses to live conventionally – she knows who she is and what she wants, and she’s determined to make change. But then her husband, Wash, asks the unthinkable: Give up her dreams to make his possible.

    Based on the true story of the Brooklyn Bridge, The Engineer’s Wife delivers an emotional portrait of a woman transformed by a project of unfathomable scale that takes her into the bowels of the East River, suffragette riots, the halls of Manhattan’s elite, and the heady, freewheeling temptations of P.T. Barnum. It’s the story of a husband and wife determined to build something that lasts – even at the risk of losing each other.”

    We have a goal of November for reading this book, so get your library/audible/kindle copy now to begin!