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Join us on Friday, November 19 @ 5 o’clock PM for an evening hike up South Table Mountain to howl at the Full Corn Moon. Families, friends, neighbors – everyone’s invited.

Please bring a headlamp or lantern for the climb down, which can be pretty darn dark if the moon is covered with clouds. Wear warm clothing and consider bringing snacks or warm drinks for smaller kiddos.

We’ll be climbing the Sleeping Elk Trailhead, which is .7 miles but a pretty steep, upward trajectory from a neighborhood in Golden. It normally takes 60-90 minutes to summit, howl and return to the cars.

Are you coming? Comment below or text 303-949-7517 so we’ll wait for you!

PS – I am aware that the cover photo is not, in fact, a full moon. It’s just the only moon photo I could find really quick and I am feeling lazy. Please send complaints to


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