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We’re going for COZY today, so wear pajamas! Don’t tell the kids yet, but I’m trying to borrow a projector so we can watch a movie on the pull-down screen in the corner. Maybe bring blankets + pillows – comfy stuff for stretching out on the floor. We can watch something seasonal, like Elf, after lunch.

We’ll also be needle felting with wool. If you have wool roving, wool yarn, fabric and/or “stabbies” to share, please bring them so we have enough for everyone. (Need inspiration? Try here, here, and here to see what can be made. The simplest start is this Amazon felting kit, which includes everything for $26.)

Because it’s National Pie Day, we’re going to bake! Bring ingredients to make a pie of your choice. (It’s okay if we double down on types!) We’ll set the oven to 350º and try to gauge this one so we can have a fabulous tea-time snack together.

Games + Activities Table
We will continue to share a table of games, puzzles and/or crafting materials. Bring whatever your kids are enjoying now + want to share.

This week, please bring:
Pie ingredients
Felting materials or another craft to share
Lunch + snacks for your people
Tea or coffee or theater snacks to share
A game, craft or puzzle to share


Dec 3 Group Hike – Friday, December 3 @ 1pm (Genesee Mountain)

Dec 8 Goat’s Milk Extravaganza, rescheduled (Jamie works on the 1st)

Dec 15  Indoor Camping + S’mores       
Tents to set up for play, camp chairs, indoor fire pit + s’mores ingredients. Last session!

Dec 18 Full Moon Family Hike – Saturday, December 18 @ 5pm (South Table Mesa)

End of our semester.


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