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It’s our last week in our rented space! We’re celebrating the end of the year with some indoor camping, doesn’t everyone? Holidays parties are for the birds. Let’s pretend it’s summer and toast some marshmallows over a propane fire. I’ll bring a tent for play, the propane fire pit* and some s’mores ingredients – but we’ll likely need more for this hungry crew! Anybody else have a tent we can use for socks-only camping play?

*Fire pit requires an open window for propane ventilation. If it becomes too cold in the building, we’ll move the fire outside. Please plan accordingly, clothing-wise.

We’re making soap again, too. In case you thought we wouldn’t have a craft… We were just getting started last week and it was so fun! Bring your molds + add-ins if you wish to participate.

There was lots of discussion about other crafts too, so bring what your kids want to do most – all of it sounded amazing. Let’s live it up our last week here!

This week, please bring:
Camp chairs + s’mores ingredients
A soap mold, honey, oats + flowers – make your soaps pretty!
Anybody wanna bring another craft?
Lunch + snacks for your people
Tea, coffee or hot chocolate for your people
A game, craft or puzzle to share


End of our semester in our rented space. Sniff. Spring Semester 2022 posting soon!


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