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We’re going to meet near the picnic tables at the bottom of the hill. Our location has an all-season water component, many trails + exploring spaces, sledding hill options, rock climbing spaces, and pit toilets. With outdoor spaces, there’s always a chance your kid will get wet and cold. It’s also gets quite muddy as spring progresses. Please bring a blanket in your car for emergencies, and a towel or clothing change might also be nice.

We can move to a secondary location after everyone arrives and we’re all introduced. Really, we’re aiming for free play for all at this location. Let’s dig in, get to know the space + where to play here.

Payment for the semester is due at our session – $20/family. If you have not officially joined us, please fill out the form prior to your arrival. We have a lot of drop-ins for this space and people just trying it out, which is totally fine. We welcome everyone!

This week, please bring:
Outdoor clothing! Whatever ya’ll wear to stay warm
Sleds?!? Still hoping we have some north-facing slopes with snow
Snacks + warm drinks for your people


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