Throwback of my kiddos, circa 2017

Come find us at the Stone House in Lakewood, right off the Bear Creek greenbelt. There’s a series of small fishing ponds, wide open fields and dirt trails, loads of little turnoffs to creekside space for play + the massive, paved trail too. It’s lovely here, shady in summer but you can find some sun when it’s cold. A short walk from the lot to the creek area, but not even a quarter mile and certainly quite flat. Let’s meet near the pond – look straight ahead from the parking lot – and see whether we’re exploring or staying in the sunshine. Please lmk if you’re coming so I can update you on our location if we move before you arrive – 303-nine four nine-7517.

This week, please bring:
Mud clothes + maybe a towel to save your car seat
Sunscreen + drinks for your people

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