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It’s time for cityscaping! Jennifer’s family is dropping off bicycle boxes for us to use to build a town. We’ll move the tables and chairs to make room for building a full town. Everyone can have their own space/box – whether it’s a house or a business is up to each kiddo! – to decorate and build as they wish. Please bring accoutrement for your build project. We’ll have shared supplies like duct tape, glue and sharpies, but we always run out of scissors/cutting supplies. Let’s try to start building right away, so we have time to play in town before the day is over.

Please talk to your kiddos about safely using materials over the carpet! We won’t be able to adequately cover all floor space with a tarp. If it’s not windy, we can do the paint/decorating outdoors.

Becky + Seth are bringing basketball + a movement game for us to play when we need a break. If anyone else has extra basketballs to bring, we can all practice free throws or play PIG together!

Celebrate National Cereal Day! At noon, let’s share our favorite boxed cereals, mix-ins (berries, bananas, nuts, chocolate chips!) + milks to make a smorgasbord. Need inspiration? See here, folks.

This week, please bring:
An idea for your kid’s/kids’ building(s)
Supplies for building with cardboard – scissors/knife, decorating misc, paint, etc.
Cereal + toppings to share for brekkie
Snacks for your people
A game, craft or puzzle to share

Up next:

March 11 Group Hike @ 1pm (Trading Post Trail, Morrison)

March 14        Taste-Testing Day / Blind-Fold Art
It’s National Potato Chip Day, so let’s taste-test chip varieties. Another thing too: nut butters? / We’ll also see what our art looks like with blindfolds. / Lastly, let’s mummify some stuff we can check weekly. Also fun: raisins. Fun or gross? You decide.

March 21        Character Day
Zack will help us craft D&D characters, which can be painted afterwards; Dress as fave movie/game character; Mini plays, “stage” + hair + makeup

In case you missed it, review + download our spring session calendar.

Want to join us? We’re pretty fun. Fill out our drop-in form here.


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