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Town II. If our boxes have survived (fingers crossed, two snows later!), we’ll resurrect Boxtown. We’ll need more duct tape, glue and sharpies – and of course a new mayor! We can check on this project first, and then move the other stuff around depending on how well the boxes have held up and whether everyone’s as into it as they were last week… moving parts.

an in-progress hot dog mummification

As part of our science experiment agenda, let’s mummify some stuff, and maybe make some “fresh” raisins. It’s fun to have an ongoing experiment. I will bring some grapes and a couple containers of baking soda, but we’ll need more baking soda if everyone wants to play. You need A LOT. Bring a small food container with a lid that has room to hold your kid’s mummy of choice. The kids can make official-looking progress reports for note-taking, if they wish. (Google “mummified foods” for more options.) I’ll bring a large plastic container to keep our fun stuff from taking over the space, especially if there are odors involved….

AND it’s National Potato Chip Day! If anyone is interested, we can taste-test chip varieties for lunch. No pressure if this isn’t your thing. It’s totally Rosetta’s, so I am required to do it.

This week, please bring:
Supplies for building with cardboard – scissors/knife, pens, duct tape!
A food thing to mummify, baking soda + a small container with a lid
Chips to taste test (optional)
Lunch + snacks for your people
A game, craft or puzzle to share

Up next:

March 19MAMA Hike
9am @ Dakota Ridge Stagecoach Trailhead in Golden

March 21   Character Day
Zack will help us craft D&D characters, which can be painted afterwards; Dress as fave movie/game character; Mini plays, “stage” + hair + makeup

March 28   Candle-Making + Fishing/Park Adventure
Poured + dipped beeswax candles / Walk across Ralston to fish ponds + playground

April 4    Rock-Pounding + Stone Soup
Coordinate ingredients to make a giant soup (or two) together; pound + smash rocks with hammers to see what’s in them; paint rocks + hide; air pressure can crushing experiment

April 6 @ 11am Kids’ Makers Market at Discovery Park in Wheat Ridge
Everyone is welcome! Sell at a booth by filling out this form, or swing by to shop + play!

In case you missed it, review + download our spring session calendar.

Want to join us? We’re pretty fun. Fill out our drop-in form here.


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