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This is a BIG one, as you’ll see below. If you want to read through the options with your kids, it might narrow your scope a bit. Zack (and Alison!) has spent a lot of time organizing this one and there are many options for play here.

“Zack has been working hard at figuring out what activities will hopefully be appealing for our age group. Here’s the options that he has come up with (we’ll plan for all of them, and then the kids can decide what they’d like to do):

Below is a simplified character sheet that Zack has designed for everyone to create their own character/s. They can think about it ahead of time if they would like, but they can also just do it on Monday. He’ll bring print outs.

There is also a full D&D character sheet (he’ll bring copies). Filling this one out would be more in depth and one-on-one, so this would be if any of the kids (or moms) are really interested in making one. We can email this to anyone interested as well.

As part of creating a character, everyone can also illustrate their character. Families should bring art supplies like colored pencils, watercolors, watercolor paper, or whatever they would like to use for this.

Zack and Elliott will bring some of their D&D books about making characters and about monsters in the D&D world. These books are special to them and they want to keep them in excellent condition, but they think it would be okay if parents want to look through them with their children (clean fingers only).

We have a text adventure book, Parsely, that has adventures that Zack can lead the kids through out loud. It has interactive narrative stories where the kids can make choices about what happens next.

We also have a game called Kids Dungeon Adventure, another simplified D&D-inspired game. The kids will build a “dungeon” out of blocks (that we can provide) and then pick characters. If they would like to bring a small figurine, whether animal or person, to use as their character they can, but we will bring extras. Then their characters will move through the dungeon maze fighting monsters and finding treasure. It would be great if someone could bring something small to use as the treasure. We need 2 types: maybe somebody could bring jelly beans and someone else could bring beads or rocks or something else small. Three kids can play in each game at a time. If we’d like more than 1 game going at a time, someone would need to bring duplo or masking tape to map out another dungeon (probably not more blocks so they won’t get mixed up together).

The kids could also role play their characters. So if they want to figure out what type of character they would like to be ahead of time, they can bring costumes, foam weapons, etc. to act it out. Or they can just bring costumes not related to their characters too. 😉 If people want to bring materials to make magic wands, swords, shields, armor, etc., they can do that too.”

We do have cardboard onsite, so we can make “weaponry” there, if you’d like.

This week, please bring:
Your adventurous spirit!
An idea of the character you’ll be
Makeup, hair supplies, costumes to use for role play (the girls want to do makeup)
Drawing or paint supplies
Lunch + snacks for your people
A game, craft or puzzle to share

Up next:

March 28   Candle-Making + Fishing/Park Adventure
Poured + dipped beeswax candles / Walk across Ralston to fish ponds + playground

April 4    Rock-Pounding + Stone Soup
Coordinate ingredients to make a giant soup (or two) together; pound + smash rocks with hammers to see what’s in them; paint rocks + hide; air pressure can crushing experiment

April 6 @ 11am Kids’ Makers Market at Discovery Park in Wheat Ridge
Everyone is welcome! Sell at a booth by filling out this form, or swing by to shop + play!

In case you missed it, review + download our spring session calendar.

Want to join us? We’re pretty fun. Fill out our drop-in form here.


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