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We’re breaking rocks! Bring some collected rocks to try smashing, preferably different colors, plus a hammer + a pair of goggles/eye protection. We’re going to pound rocks to see what’s inside! We can bring bowls and jars to collect different colors of grit and powder to make pourable, sand-style art in small jars. Gray (her art is here! or on Insta @grayjordanart) will also show us how she makes paint with crushed rocks, then we can paint too. If anyone wants to paint animals – or any designs – on rocks to hide around the playground, I will bring some enamel coating so they’ll last a while longer.

It’s gonna be 75º, and I’d love to sit outside the whole day. But we initially planned to make Stone Soup with this activity. If anyone wants to head this up, text me! I’ll coordinate ingredients (basic stuff like broth, potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, cabbage), but I don’t want to babysit the soup.

This week, please bring:
Hammer, goggles + ROCKS
Painting supplies – brushes, paper, jars
Lunch + snacks for your people
A game, craft or puzzle to share

Up next:

April 4   Candle-Making + Fishing Adventure
Poured + dipped beeswax candles / Walk across Ralston to fish ponds + playground

April 6 @ 11a-3p Kids’ Makers Market at Discovery Park in Wheat Ridge
Everyone is welcome! Sell at a booth by filling out this form, or swing by to shop + play!

April 8 @ 11am Group Hike, Swim + Fly Fishing – Lair o’ the Bear Park, Idledale

April 11  Whittling + Soap-Carving
Carve blocks of soap with knives + explore basic whittling skills

April 16 @ 9am MAMA Hike @ White Ranch Park East Trailhead, Golden

April 18  Lava Lamps + Solar S’mores Ovens / Easter-themed Hide + Seek Games
Let’s make an easy lamp using plastic bottles / Craft s’mores ovens + watch ‘em work

April 24-26Camping Trip to Great National Sand Dunes – Site A, Group Loop, tents only. Please sign up with Monica! And yes, we still have room for 1-2 more families.

In case you missed it, review + download our spring session calendar.

Want to join us? We’re pretty fun. Fill out our drop-in form here.


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