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Yep, we’re doing the stuff with alllllll the sharp edges. We’ll talk first about the blood barrier/blood circle – or watch this intro to carving + chat at home. Please bring whatever knives you + your kids are comfortable using. We can search for sticks or bring our own. We can also “carve” apple swans. Anyone who’s interested can also carve bars of soap (yes, adults too!) using a combo of knives + clay tools.

Let’s also discuss basic first aid! Seems like a decent combo. If anybody wants to bring extra band-aids or stuffy hospital supplies for the kids to practice fixing each other up, that might go over well.

Wilder will bring a supply of knives for viewing + all of his sharpening tools. If anyone wants a kitchen or pocket knife sharpened, he can show how to do that in real time. It’s entertaining to watch, but he’s volunteering to sharpen out of his enjoyment.

We will bring other art supplies as well as a table + I’m hoping to set up the slackline again this week.

Lastly, we’ve been asked to clean up our cardboard boxes this week. Let’s plan to stash some in cars for recycling at home. Thanks for your help!

This week, please bring:
A knife + stick or bar of soap for carving/whittling
First aid materials you don’t mind being used unnecessarily (practice makes perfect!)
Lunch + snacks for your people
Seating for the outdoors – it’s gonna be nice out again!
A game, craft or puzzle to share

Up next:

April 16 @ 9am MAMA Hike @ White Ranch Park East Trailhead, Golden

April 18  Lava Lamps + Solar S’mores Ovens / Easter-themed Hide + Seek Games
Let’s make an easy lamp using plastic bottles / Craft s’mores ovens + watch ‘em work

April 24-26Camping Trip to Great National Sand Dunes – Site A, Group Loop, tents only. Please sign up with Monica! And yes, we still have room for 1-2 more families.

In case you missed it, review + download our spring session calendar.

Want to join us? We’re pretty fun. Fill out our drop-in form here.


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