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Easter-themed Hide + Seek Games! Please bring a dozen (or some even number you’ll remember) refillable, plastic eggs for each of your children + a bucket or bag to carry them. We’ll fill the eggs together and hide them for a group hunt. It doesn’t matter what you bring to fill the eggs – anything from fun rocks (which I have) to little characters to candy – just plan to bring enough to fill yours, and we’ll just mix them all together to hide. We’ll rinse + repeat as long as anyone wants to play/we have filling materials/anyone thinks it’s fun.

Because it’s supposed to be overcast, we’re skipping the solar oven experiment. If anyone wants to make these Lava Lamps, you’ll need some kind of bottle for your lamp. The link above recommends 16oz beverage bottle, cleaned, and Leah says it also works in glass. I will bring some alka-seltzer. We’ll also need food coloring and enough vegetable oil to fill the bottles 3/4 full. If anyone’s going to Costco, I’d be happy to share ingredients.

I’ll bring stuff for slime + that elephant toothpaste experiment everyone loves. If you’ve got an experiment idea, feel free to bring it!

This week, please bring:
Bottle, oil + food coloring for lava lamp
Food coloring for slime + lamps (guessing I’ll be out, but maybe not?)
Lunch + snacks for your people
Seating for the outdoors – it’s gonna be nice out again!
A game, craft or puzzle to share

Up next:

April 24-26Camping Trip to Great National Sand Dunes – Site A, Group Loop, tents only. We are full. If you’re planning to go, you should be on the email list with Monica!

May 2   –  Water, Water, Water, Goop
Water gun/balloon extravaganza; let’s make ghost mud + nature soup + then clean off!

May 9 – Alice in Wonderland Tea
Everyone wears hats to our end-of-session tea party with a super-long table outdoors. We can cook together or bring food to share. Don’t be late! Face painting + dress-up encouraged but not required. Last week in our semester!

May 13 @ 11am Group Hike, Swim + Fly Fishing – (Corwina Park Parking Lot, Evergreen)

May 21 @ 9amMAMA Hike (Apex West / Enchanted Forest Trailhead, Golden)

In case you missed it, review + download our spring session calendar.

Want to join us? We’re pretty fun. Fill out our drop-in form here.


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