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Okay, it better be warm, because we’re doing the blasters again! We’re setting up for the usual watery mayhem with whatever your kids like to use. I will bring some water balloons – just know that we’ll spend some time picking the pieces out of the grass later on – and have asked for access to the outdoor hose this time. We will, as usual, have a safe zone erected, so our things and selves can be safe from squirting. Let’s do balloon olympics – catching games as individuals/teams, balloon relays, and do obstacle challenges with balloons, just to make them last a few minutes longer! Then we’ll go on to the free-for-all and water gun fun, hopefully when it’s warmest.

Then back to our science-y, gloopy creations! Will somebody bring the ghost mud or nature soup ingredients? Or oobleck? Or cloud dough? We can make whatever. I’ll also bring the stuff for lava lamps. If your kid wants to do this, don’t forget a plastic or glass container for their lamp.

And at lunch, let’s plan next week’s end-of-semester tea party together!

This week, please bring:
Swim/wet gear, towels + water play materials (squirt guns, water balloons, etc)
Bottle for lava lamp
Lunch + snacks for your people
Seating for the outdoors – it’s gonna be nice out again!
A game, craft or puzzle to share

Up next:

May 9 – Alice in Wonderland Tea
Everyone wears hats to our end-of-session tea party with a super-long table outdoors. We can cook together or bring food to share or both. Don’t be late! Face painting + dress-up encouraged but not required. Last week in our semester!

May 13 @ 11am Group Hike, Swim + Fly Fishing – (Corwina Park Parking Lot, Evergreen)

May 21 @ 9amMAMA Hike (Apex West / Enchanted Forest Trailhead, Golden)


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