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Prepare for our end-of-semester party, the Alice in Wonderland tea! We are planning to create a long table, like in the story, where we can all sit outdoors with myriad teapots and enjoy a feast of yummy foods. Jennifer sent the most magical list of party ideas. Can everyone try to watch the movie/read the book before Monday? Just so all the references aren’t lost, especially the good ones. I have DVD of the movie if anyone wants to borrow it.

We’ll decorate hats first. Bring a hat for each person, a selection of “toppings” – they don’t have to make sense! this is Alice! – and we can hot glue individual creations.

Please comment with what you’re bringing! Games, food, + whatever else.

We’re planning our tea for 12 noon – so we’ll decorate hats + do any baking/food prep/decorating first. If we have time for a game or two first, even better! Let’s bring paper + pens for crafting signs (the movie shows signs with ‘this way’, ‘that way’, ‘up’, ‘down’). I’ll bring chalk for rabbit paw tracks (so we can make a trail through the playground), a speaker for music, and I will also glue shut a jar of jam. You’re welcome.

And so we don’t double up on types of foods + activities. Here’s the list so far:
Elliott – Pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins
Zoe – macarons
Rosetta – homemade oreos
Wilder – donut holes
Christine – almond butter + fruit triangles (sammies), stuffed celery, tea + cream
Leah – tea sammies (surprise kind! or maybe cucumber…)

Yep, that’s as far as we got! You might have noticed that the kids’ foods will all be sweet. I know, it shocked me too. Also, please bring a (sturdy?) serving tray for your food. We can use plates/cutlery from inside, but let’s make the rest of it pretty!

Yes, we’ll probably need to clean up the whole rest of the time…. But if the kids want to use the water guns, let’s do that too. I’ll bring a big tub to fill with water + we can designate a safe zone.

This week, please bring:
Tea party snacks to share! Tea cups and/or a pot!
Swim/wet gear, towels + water play materials (squirt guns, water balloons, etc)

Our semester is over. Sniff. But we’ll still be out + about:

May 13 @ 11am Group Hike, Swim + Fly Fishing – (Corwina Park Parking Lot, Evergreen)

May 21 @ 9amMAMA Hike (Apex West / Enchanted Forest Trailhead, Golden)

June 6Summer semester starts! Stay tuned for details…


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