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Hello and welcome to Wildlings summer semester! Hopefully you got the welcome email with how many families have signed up and the age range (spoiler: there’s 3+ someones for everyone). Just to be clear, you may come and go from these events as needed. Gonna be late? Okay. Got an appointment? No problem. We’re a pretty chill crew – but we DO love for you to show up consistently.

Monday, June 6 @ 10 o’clock

Let’s meet at Bear Creek Lake Park (15600 W Morrison Rd, Lakewood, CO 80228) around 10/11 o’clock. (Early is easier to nab a shady spot.) Let’s meet on the left side of the swim beach (if you’re facing the water), and set up our central post. Behold, my fancy map!

Probably forgot something…

Please bring all of the sunscreen, food and water, plus something to sit on. We’ll plan to swim + hang out! Come find me! Here’s what I look like most of the time >

If people are interested, we will also be playing the sports this summer, while we’re here. Let’s chat about our plans + which sports we’re covering. Monica will have a signup sheet for those interested in playing for the coming weeks, plus we’ll have a kickball and pinnies to play right away on Monday too. If your kids are into this, please let us know. Future plans include capture the flag, soccer, sand volleyball and ultimate frisbee, possibly more depending on interest and supplies.

Last time for this info: The park sells a daily pass for $10, or you can buy a car tag that gets you in daily, all year long, for $80.

Wednesday, June 8 @ 10 o’clock

This week, we’re meeting at Anderson Park in Wheat Ridge (4355 Field St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033). We’ll park and meet up behind the pool, at the playground area. Once everyone’s there, we can walk over to the swim/play area along the creek together – it’s probably 1/4 mile on paved sidewalks. Bring sunscreen, food + water for your people and plan to stay as long as you like. Behold, my map!

And no, I do not always provide maps such as these. But you’re welcome. Questions? Please comment below (it sends me an email) or email me directly at christine [at] cemming [dot] com.

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  1. Hi! I’m trying to sign up for the Wednesday activities this summer and am getting an error on the registration page. We can’t make it every week, but we’ll try to show up to connect in person even if I can’t get the registration to go through.

    Thanks! Jennifer (Kal – 7, Todd – 12) 303-882-7359

    1. Sorry, Jennifer. I think it times out – thanks for flagging that for me. I’ve got you down for Wednesdays. See you soon?!? 😉