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Monday, June 13 @ 10 o’clock

when you park, head toward the left side of the beach

Let’s meet at Bear Creek Lake Park (15600 W Morrison Rd, Lakewood, CO 80228) around 10 o’clock. Let’s meet on the left side of the swim beach (if you’re facing the water), and set up our central post. Behold, my fancy map, inset.

Please bring all of the sunscreen, food and water, plus something to sit on. There is another homeschool group meeting here as well, so lots of HS kids nearby. Let’s swim + hang out!

swim break for groundies

Wednesday, June 15 @ 10 o’clock

This week, we’re meeting at Prospect Park in Wheat Ridge (44th + Robb Streets in Wheat Ridge). There are many different ways to get here, including just parking at the Robb St lot on the other side of Prospect Lake, near the play structure. Some of our members will be walking up Oak Street and along the creek trail from their homes. Others will likely find it easier to go the Youngfield Trailhead route, adding a 3/4-mile walk/scooter/bike ride to the trip.

This park has tables, paved sidewalks, a bathroom, creek access, soccer fields, fishing lakes + playground structures. Bring sunscreen, food + water for your people, and plan to stay as long as you like!

Please note: Prospect Park does have a construction project going currently, mostly concerning the ball fields. The park and west side playground are not closed.

Questions? Please comment below or email me directly at christine [at] cemming [dot] com.


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