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Here it is – the page you send your friends! We get requests for trials on a regular basis. Because our goal is community and safe spaces, the flow of new people will be spread out. Please let your friends know this as you pass information on to them.

Drop-in cost is $10 per session/family. Payment is due in cash on the day of your visit, or pay in advance via Venmo to @Christine-Emming.

Please submit the information below to be considered for drop-in.

We do not publicly post our locations for the safety of our children. After you’ve filled out the form above, you’ll receive an email from us, usually within 5 days. If we are at capacity, we’ll decide which session would be best for you to try, and then give you the address. We look forward to meeting you!

More links:
If you haven’t read our organizing documents, here’s that link.


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