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M – Monday. This week our semester begins, and that means two different days + locations. Please read titles carefully to ensure you’re going to the right place with the right stuff! Monday info usually posts on Friday.

Hello and welcome, everyone! We start at 10 o’clock at the usual place. (New people have received a text/email/both with the physical address of our rental space, so please check for that!) This week, we’re focusing on outdoor play + the always-popular slime science. Let’s build an obstacle course to start, and set up a slime table. Be prepared to introduce yourselves!

We’re bringing popsicles to share after lunch…

MAMA PLANNING MEETING. It’s a new semester, so let’s dig in! I’ll have the list of kids’ interests and we can loosely pair/assign weeks for the semester, along with ideas of how we *might* plan our attack. Bring ideas for your kids’ themes, if you have any, and help us brainstorm for all of them. Advance planning helps if we need to purchase ingredients/supplies for anything – and we can party plan for holiday celebrations together! This list will be made into a Google doc, adjusted/expanded as we go along, and the session plans are added to the calendar. Hopefully we can multitask this piece over lunch!

10 am – Free play + introductions – Build an obstacle course
11 am – Theme table or idea set up + ready / Alternate game/craft table set up
12 pm – Lunch
12:30 pm – Outdoor play
1:30 pm – Popsicle time
2:30 pm – Help clean up, then outside play
3 pm – End of our rental period. All are welcome to stay on the grounds as long as they like, but the building + bathroom are closed.

Payment for the semester is due at our session – $125/family. We are currently maxed out on semester registrations for Mondays, sorry. Try the Thursday group, which has 3 spots left.

This week, please bring:
An element for our obstacle course – anything you like to use!
Slime ingredients to contribute to a group table. We usually need more mixing bowls,
spoons + a way to carry our slimes home.
Sunscreen, lunch, snacks + drinks for your people (we have full kitchen use)
Any other game or craft your kiddos want to play!

Newbies, please know that it’s okay to bring whatever your people need to stay occupied, even if it ranges far, far away from our theme. We avoid electronic devices outside of those necessary for speech/hearing, but any other craft, game or whatever-you-need is welcome. If you’re worried, please ask Christine.


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