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Th – Thursday. This week our semester begins, and that means two locations. Please read titles carefully to ensure you’re going to the right place with the right stuff! Thursdays info usually posts on Mondays.

My son and me, Christine. Hi! Look for us on Thursday!

Hello and welcome, everyone! Our Thursday sessions are slated for 1:30-4:30pm. This week, we’ll be starting at 1 o’clock, if you wish to come early. We’re meeting at Matthews/Winters Park (1103 County Highway 93, Golden, CO). Head toward the picnic tables at the bottom of the hill. Our location has an all-season water component, trails + exploring spaces, rock climbing spaces, and pit toilets.

Let’s dig in, get to know the space + where to play here. We’re able to loosely plan themes here as well. If your kid wants to learn orienteering, let’s figure that out! If your kid’s into tree identification, we can do that. All tangents are welcome!

Payment for the semester is due at our session – $20/family. If you have not officially joined us, please fill out the form prior to your arrival, so we know who we’re looking for!

This week, please bring:
Outdoor clothing – maybe a towel for the car in case of mud
A child-safe knife for your kid to use on branches
Sunscreen, snacks + drinks for your people


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