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Our semester plan is here! Download to plan in advance or be surprised each week – up to you! And thanks, everyone, for your theme ideas + input at our planning session.

We’ll set up a soccer game in the morning, learn rules (or not), make teams +  play. Adults too! We have pinnies for team jerseys + some cones for boundaries. If anyone has soccer goals, please bring ’em!

Artist trading cards are just tiny pieces of art that people make to trade, like a business card, but with art on it! Bring any special supplies – glitter, gems, feathers, paints or special paper to make trading cards. Whether they’re traded or not is up to each child.

This week, please bring:
Sports-friendly clothing + shoes
Any special art trading card supplies
Sunscreen, lunch, snacks + drinks for your people
Any other game or craft your kiddos want to play!

Up next:

Sept 24 MAMA Hike (Mt Falcon – West Trailhead) – Saturday, September 24 @ 9am

Sept 26     Tie Dye + Messy Painting (Blackett
Wear old clothing, bring two items for your child to tie dye + prepare for mess. 

Oct 3        Aeronautics Day (Guias)
Egg drop / drone flying / stomp rockets / airplanes

Oct 10        International Potluck (Smith/Geeting)
Each kid/family chooses a country, makes a recipe food + researches it to share in an informal presentation of their choice; decorations + costumes (optional)

Oct 17        Terrariums (Maldanado)
Build a terrarium out of whatever materials you/your kid loves (plan to bring a jar + some materials)

Oct 22 MAMA Hike (Alderfer/Three Sisters) – Saturday, October 22 @ 9am

In case you missed it, review + download our fall session calendar.


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