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We’re doing all the engineering + flying things today! I have popsicle sticks, and we have a glue gun + rubber bands in our supply kit. Please bring any other materials your kids need to build an egg-drop contraption. An egg life jacket? A parachute? Foam? We’ll build and toss from a high place – the playground, a ladder or a tree, preferably – onto a tarp below to test our building skills.

Bring your stomp rocket/rocket launcher projects, and any airplanes/drones/flying machines you might have. We’ll also make paper airplanes from kits and test their flight patterns. Anything else you can think of that applies? Yes, you can bring it.

This week, please bring:
An egg or two for the drop
Any aeronautic device or project you want to try out
Sunscreen, lunch, snacks + drinks for your people
Any other game or craft your kiddos want to play!

Up next:

Oct 10        International Potluck (Smith/Geeting)
Each kid/family chooses a country, makes a recipe food + researches it to share in an informal presentation of their choice; decorations + costumes (optional)

Oct 17        Terrariums (Maldanado)
Build a terrarium out of whatever materials you/your kid loves (plan to bring a jar + some materials)

Oct 22 MAMA Hike (Alderfer/Three Sisters) – Saturday, October 22 @ 9am

In case you missed it, review + download our fall session calendar.


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