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This week, each kid/family is representing a country and sharing a recipe from it. Please name your dish in the country’s language (or an approximation) and in English. If you’d like to research more about the country to share in an informal presentation (of the child’s choice), some suggestions are below. Decorations, flags or costumes – anything you can think of to make it festive would be great! Start menu planning…

ALLERGIES: Note that we have nut allergies in the group, as well as preferences for dairy, vegan or gf foods. You do not need to make adjustments to your recipe, but please be prepared to say – or write a note – about what’s in your dish and coach your kiddos that not everyone will try it.

Elliott – Mexico
Wilder – Japan
Rosetta – Norway
Jackson + Zander – Germany
Kylie, Allie, Carrie, Mila – China
Savine – Argentina
Seth – West Sumatra/Indonesia
Zoe + Zelda – Ireland
Hugo – France
Lena – Romania
Ethan – TBD
Sadie – TBD

We will set up and let the kids decorate a few tables with our potluck items. We’ll also use the kitchen’s tableware, so don’t worry about bringing cutlery or plates. Should be a great lunch!

If your kids are into it, do some research on the country they’re representing. This can totally be in writing, or aloud. Nothing super formal – unless that’s what they want! This can go any direction… but here are a few suggestions (because I can’t help myself):

Why did you choose this country/what is your attachment to this country?
How many people live there? (Population)

Do you listen to their music? What does it sound like?
Top three most popular foods eaten there

What is a typical day like for a child who lives there/how is a person from _____ just like you?
Who are the most famous people from this country?

How many times have you made this recipe?
What is this country known for? (can be anything!)
What is their most famous landmark?

Other art
Let’s bring perler beads + let the kids create their country’s flag to decorate the tables!

This week, please bring:
Your international dish to share + your country’s info to present
Sunscreen, snacks + drinks for your people
Any other game or craft your kiddos want to play!
Smith/Geeting family – It’s your turn to bring a game/activity to play in the morning!

Up next:

Oct 17        Terrariums (Maldanado)
Build a terrarium out of whatever materials you/your kid loves (plan to bring a jar + some materials)

Oct 22 MAMA Hike (Alderfer/Three Sisters) – Saturday, October 22 @ 9am

Oct 24        Sweet Science (Jordan/Germe)
Sugary experiment week with (1) mentos + soda, (2) rock candy, (3) magic milk +skittles/m&ms, (4) strawberry dna extraction, + (5) edible engineering with prizes for coolest/tallest structure

Oct 31        Halloween! Smells + Yells (Carmody)
Bad smell guessing game + ghost in the graveyard. Caramel apple-making. Costumes optional but recommended – adults too! Afternoon movie + popcorn.

Nov 7        Cardboard Neighborhood, Take 2 (North)
Use provided cardboard boxes to make a structure. Plan to have a cutting utensil + duct tape for each child.

In case you missed it, review + download our fall session calendar.


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