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It’s costume time! Please bring a costume – nobody needs to wear it the whole time, but let’s dress up. It’s supposed to be lovely outside, so we’ll set up there until afternoon. Our activities:

Ghost in the graveyard
We’ll start the day by trying to find ghosts. See the ghost? Run!

Donuts on a string
Who can eat through the entire doughnut the fastest? No using your hands! There is a prize, but the reward is really the doughnut – plus it’s really fun to watch.

I will set this up, with each kid’s help (adjusting for height individually). Please bring a ring-shaped doughnut for each kiddo in your family. I’m already stopping to buy some, so if you want me to get more for you, please text! I’ll bring a few extra, just in case.

Morbid art
While we set up the donut string (it takes a while…), the kids can trace each other’s bodies on the sidewalk, name the graveyard + each person can write how they “died” on their headstone.

Smells + Yells
We’re setting up a sensory experience. For a prize, try to discern which questionable odors are presented at our smell-guessing booth (Leah, Alison + I will provide 2-3 “smells” in containers). And Monica’s bringing creepy, sensory bits in bins for the kids to touch – if they dare!

Bobbing for apples
Becky‘s in charge of setting up this classic fall activity. Cloe + Nicole, please bring extra apples.

Lunch break!
Time to slice up the apples you “caught” and fill up on food with actual nutrients.

Afternoon movie
Hotel Transylvania (91 minutes), an animated family fave, will begin around 1 o’clock. We’ll keep the main room dark + quiet. Kirra‘s bringing the equipment for this + I’ll grab the movie. Bring blankets + pillows if your kids want to sprawl. Jennifer‘s making popcorn on the stove, so we’ll leave extra time to vacuum afterwards. 😬 Get ready for a nap!

This week, please bring:
Your kids’ donuts!
Lunch, snacks + drinks for your people
North family – It’s your turn to bring a game/activity to play in the morning!

Up next:

Nov 7  Cardboard Neighborhood, Take 2 (Jordan/Germe)
Use provided cardboard boxes or bring your own to make a structure for our town. Mayoral elections possible. Plan to have a cutting utensil + duct tape for each child.

Nov 14  Pickle Appreciation Day + Spray Paint Art (Carmody)
Pickle tasting + pickle making extravaganza. Spray paint on canvas.

Nov 28   Stop-motion (design + props, show) /  Baking (Dentry)       
Devices for picture-taking, props, figure out how to use screen for the “show.” Baking TBD.

In case you missed it, review + download our fall session calendar.


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