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Spray paint art today! Two kinds in play with the same basic ingredients: spray paint + water. Whatever the weather, we’ll be completing these project outside over a tarp, and we will need to take turns. I will bring one tarp. If anyone else has a tarp to contribute, it’ll be colorful afterwards!

Dish soap resist wall art can be made on canvas or super thick watercolor paper. Here’s a quick video step-by-step. If your kid is interested in participating, please bring 2-3 cans of acrylic spray paint in the colors they like (it’s in a separate case at the hobby stores because there’s no/less inhalation danger – yay!) + a canvas or two for them to use. You can use paper with cheaper, but less dependable results. And it’ll take a little longer to dry. I’ll bring large paper for practicing with the spray nozzles before they use their canvas/fancy paper.

Hydro dipping also looks fun! Watch these videos (1, 2) to get sucked in. None of us has done this before, but… why not try it while we’ve got our paint? Great idea, Gray! Becky is bringing 5-gallon buckets and I have a shallow one that’s 12″x20″. If your item will be larger/longer than that, you’ll need to bring a bigger tub to fully immerse it. You’ll need your spray paint for this too, an item to paint – Nerf guns + shoes are all over the web – and electrical tape to cover things that you don’t want painted. (Lower bar items to try dipping are pencils/pens, key fobs or the outside of lidded drink tumblers.)

Lastly, is everyone ready for National Pickle Appreciation Day? No? Hmm. Well, we gotta do something inside, so let’s eat pickles. Bring some pickles to share or plan to pickle something and taste it. We can quick pickle different things – like apples + celery, let’s say – and see how they hold up to kid scrutiny. Pickles, cheeses + bread or crackers are a smorgasbord in many countries, so maybe this can be lunch?

This week, please bring:
2-3 cans of acrylic spray paint
A canvas (or more) for each kid in your family
An item to hydro dip, if you’d like to try it,
Electrical tape (optional, for covering up portions you don’t want painted)
Pickles to share, if you wish to partake, or some veg to pickle together
Lunch, snacks + drinks for your people
Carmody family – It’s your turn to bring a game/activity to play in the morning!

Up next:

Nov 24 @ 10am Thanksgiving Day Family Hike (North Table Mountain)
If anyone wants to move a little before a giant meal, join us for a 3-mile loop at the kids’ pace.

Nov 28   Stop-motion (design + props, show) /  Baking (Dentry)       
Devices for picture-taking, props, figure out how to use screen for the “show.” Baking TBD.

Dec 5  Resin Art + Comfort Food Potluck (Volunteer)
We’ll have supplies to pour resin into molds for either display or jewelry pieces. Perlers too! Celebrate National Comfort Food Day, if you wish.

Dec 12 LARPing or a Cozy Day (Volunteer)
Can we vote on this? Either DnD/LARPing or a slow, cozy day indoors with board games, Lego + charades.

Dec 19 Holiday Party!        
Theme is Nightmare Before Christmas – the rest to be planned! This is our last gathering for the fall semester.

In case you missed it, review + download our fall session calendar.


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