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Stop-motion is back by popular demand! Let’s bring personal devices for picture-taking + stop-motion creation, along with any props/set design options. I’m not sure if we’ll have a “show” or just go person to person, show-and-tell style. Anyone can weigh in on this via group text, which I renamed “Wildling Mamas” instead of the list of numbers. (You’re welcome.)

Please note that we do not really have Wifi, so please advise your people that it won’t be possible to play online group games. Just to temper those pesky expectations.

Some have asked repeatedly to do make-up – if you’ve got ’em, you know – so let’s add that. Take this as fodder for dress-up or an improvised play/show, wherever it goes.

Because it’s going to be decent weather outside, I do not want to stand in the kitchen with the oven on. I pushed baking officially to December 12. But anytime you want to whip up something yummy, you’re encouraged to do so. Let’s discuss our party + next week’s “mystery” too.

This week, please bring:
Device for your child to use, along with whatever props they’ll need
Make-up/dress-up/theater misc. (optional)
Lunch, snacks + drinks for your people
Dentry family – It’s your turn to bring a game/activity to play in the morning!

Up next:

Dec 5  Mystery Craft + Comfort Food Potluck
Okay, we’re having a plot change from the original resin art plan. Can we figure out another craft? We’ll also celebrate National Comfort Food Day, if you wish. Let’s discuss!

Dec 12 Cozy Day with Baking
Baking! Let it be…cozy. DnD/board games/puzzles/Lego/charades.

Dec 19 Holiday Party!        
Theme is Nightmare Before Christmas – the rest to be planned! This is our last gathering for the fall semester.

In case you missed it, review + download our fall session calendar.


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