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Last meetup of the year! Let’s celebrate with a theme-less, Candyland-esque and generally festive holiday party! We’ll re-organize the tables + decorate. Bring any holiday decor you’d like to contribute, and we’ll coordinate it all. We have many activities lined up, and Nicole’s bringing some prizes, too.

Gray + Hugo are bringing some tablecloths + decor, including balloons, and we’ll have extra string lights. Kirra, Savine + Rosetta are crafting paper chains + snowflakes to hang from the ceiling over our tables, if anyone else wants to contribute. There can never be too many snowflakes! Let’s plan to leave a few on the entrance windows for the church, okay?

Please bring a savory dish to share for lunch/tea. It can be tea-themed, like finger sandwiches, or anything you want. Alison + Elliott will bring tea to share. You’re welcome to add to the cookie pile as well, but let’s try to also load up on nutrient-dense (actual) food.

Activities, somewhat in order, include:
10:00a Begin reorganizing + decorating!
10:30a Candy Guessing Game, organized by Leah + Lena
11:00a Holiday Ring Toss, organized by Nicole, Jackson + Xander
11:30a Musical Chairs, organized by Cloe, Ally, Carrie, Kylie + Mila

12:00p HOLIDAY PARTY LUNCH! Aim to serve any warm dishes around noon, but you know how meticulous we are about the schedule…

12:30p Holiday Bingo, organized by Jennifer + Sadie
01:00p Candy Cane Hunt (outdoors), organized by Becky + Seth
01:30p Cookie Decorating (ongoing), organized by Monica, Zoe, Zelda, Wilder + Christine
02:00p Open-ended play + cleanup forevermore! We have our space rented until 4pm today, if anyone would like to stay longer. No pressure, but it’s available.

This week, please bring:
Stuff for the activity/game you’re in charge of
Dish to share for lunch
Another craft, puzzle or game your kids want for today
Other snacks + drinks for your people

End of Fall Semester 2022!
Happy Holidays! See you all in 2023.


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