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Meet us at the National Western Stock Show! The Stock Show rolls through Denver for three weeks every January (Covid excepting), filling downtown with the scent of manure. Let’s get a firsthand whiff!

I requested a homeschool/educational group field trip, but I have yet to be approved. So I’m moving ahead with the planning phase to make room in our schedules.

Grounds admission sales online might include a discount over onsite pricing. Current list for January 17 is:
$17 for 12 to adult
$4 for kids 3-11
$0 for 2 and under

This ticket gets you full day admission, but none of the specialty shows.

Once I know who’s coming, I’ll figure out where we should meet up. And also because it may change if they give us a free space and expect us to be on time (!!!). Anyway, let me know if you’re interested! Comment here or text me – 303-nine four nine-7517.


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