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M – Monday. This week our semester begins, and that means two different days + locations. Please read titles carefully to ensure you’re going to the right place with the right stuff! Monday info usually posts on Friday.

We’re back! We’ll start indoors with games + activities. Semester planning session starts at 1pm. Do I have your kid’s ideas? If no, please send them ASAP so they’re on the list.

Because the weather is slated to be a balmy 11º, we’re prepping for majority indoor activity, unlike our usual in-and-out situation. Let’s start with a game of charades – everyone is welcome to play! – while we set up the alternate activities. We’ll have:

Art supplies in the Wildling bin
Collage-making with found materials (if anyone wants to add stuff, please do!)
Perler beads
Ingredients to bake LOTS of brownies
Plus whatever YOU bring – puzzles, board games, baking projects, or crafts!

We’ll have options + the kids are free to cycle through them alllllll day.

And now the fun part – fire pit semester planning time!
After lunch, let’s make warm beverages + move outside. Monica + I are bringing fire pits! (Yes, I know, WE ARE the fun kind of old ladies.) Sling a camp chair into your car, if you can. Whoever wants to help can gather ’round and do some semester planning. Bring your ideas, and I’ll bring the usual lists + pencils.

Payment for the semester is due at our session – $130/family. Cash, checks or Venmo @Christine-Emming.

This week, please bring:
Whatever craft, puzzle or game your kids want for today
VERY WARM clothing for outdoor play
Lunch, snacks + drinks for your people
A chair(s) to use around the fire pit (optional)

Newbies, please know that it’s okay to bring whatever your people need to stay occupied, even if it ranges far, far away from our theme. We avoid electronic devices outside of those necessary to aid with speech/hearing; otherwise whatever you need is welcome. If you’re worried, please ask Christine.


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