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It’s another game day, but different! This time, bring games + puzzles your family has outgrown, didn’t enjoy, or just no longer use. We’ll figure out how to swap them fairly. (We’ll probably play them too.) We can also leave a few favorites in our Wildling tub + start a puzzle stack in the little corner library of our room.

Looks like it’ll probably be nice enough for everyone to play outside again, so bring clothing for that. Hooray!

I’ll also bring needle felting materials, if anyone wants to try their hand at stabbing wool into a shape. It’s quite soothing. If anyone has foam or flexible foam blocks from packaging, those will allow more people to try it at the same time. Otherwise, bring whatever other handcrafts you’re itching to do or your kids want.

Our semester plan is as finalized as it gets. Your texted PDF is it, but here’s a Google doc if you’d prefer. I’ll keep the link at the bottom of the page for easy retrieval all semester long. Yes, yes, you’re welcome.

If you didn’t already, payment for the semester is due at this session – $130 per family. Cash, checks or Venmo @Christine-Emming.

This week, please bring:
Smith-Geeting Family – It’s your turn to bring a game/activity for everyone to play in the morning!
Puzzles + games to trade/swap/get rid of!
Whatever craft, puzzle or game your kids want for today
Lunch, snacks + drinks for your people

Newbies, please know that it’s okay to bring whatever your people need to stay occupied, even if it ranges far, far away from our theme. We avoid electronic devices outside of those necessary to aid with speech/hearing; otherwise whatever you need is welcome. If you’re worried, please ask Christine.

Up next:

February 13   Valentine’s Party + Galaxy Jars (Dentry)
Make + decorate a receiving box, then let’s swap cards! /
Musical chairs + dancing / Galaxy jars craft

February 20   No Wildlings

February 27 Seedlings + Garden Planning (Blackett)
We’ll all plant seeds for personal gardens, plus make a plan for the church
garden we will make together / Encaustic art (if anyone wants)

In case you missed it, review + download our spring session calendar.


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