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This morning, let’s warm up with… improv games. Nobody’s “in charge,” so let’s just set up a staging area + begin! (Probably after a quick run around the playground!) Please bring an item or two to add to our inspiration bin (you’ll get them all back) for the kids to draw from for their games – anything from costume bits to household wares. We’re going to start with Popcorn, then play Alien, Tiger, Cow as warmups. From there, we can add… or not! If your child likes to practice this type of thing, here’s a list with some video samples, plus upgrade to more challenging games as well.

In the great schooly tradition, we’re hosting Show + Tell! We’ll make a list with the order of presenters, then check everyone off. We obviously have no need to cap presentation time, but let’s try to keep it under 5 minutes to minimize disruptions.

Lunch + outside time to follow!

Maybe around 1:30, we’ll celebrate National Oreo Day with cookies + milk. Bring cookies or milk or both to share. Any types of cookies or milk are great, just whatever you like. It’s really just an excuse to eat milk + cookies together!

Let’s plan St. Patty’s day party in our seven minutes of free time.

This week, please bring:
Show + Tell materials/items
Improv bits + pieces – these can be random items or dress-up, whatever seems inspiring
Cookies or milk for our celebration of National Oreo Day!
Whatever craft, puzzle or game your kids want for today
Lunch, snacks + drinks for your people

Up next:

March 13 – St. Patrick’s Day Party / Jelly Bean Genetics (Terneus)
Dress in green. No pinching, please! More party details to come /
Family tree + genetic traits explained with jelly beans

March 20  –   Firetrucks + Things That Go / National Ravioli Day (North)
Request an actual fire truck to stop by / RC cars + drones / Make ravioli
from scratch or just a group meal, depending on level of interest

In case you missed it, review + download our spring session calendar.


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