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It’s cats! Bring a picture of your cat (if you have one), cat stuffies, cat masks – you know, just, alllllll the cat-themed materials – and let’s hiss together.

Dress as a cat, if you wish. I’ll find some cat art projects, coloring or drawing pages to bring. If anyone else has something specific to contribute, that’s great. It’s a last-minute change, so I’m scrambling here!

We’re also celebrating National Ravioli Day. If you’d like to participate, bring a package of ravioli – or be the one to craft it from scratch – and the preferred topping for yours. With enough interested parties, we’ll assemble a ravioli tasting + use a zillion bowls again.

Special notice: This week we’ll be gathering in a circle at 10:30am to introduce everyone + discuss who to turn to when we have problems in the group. It’s not going to be real deep, don’t worry. But I’d like to get circling established as a way to talk through bigger issues as they arise and it seems best to start the practice without one. Prep your kiddo that we’ll be doing this + introducing ourselves – I don’t want it to be scary! I’ll also encourage the younger kiddos to lean on the older ones when they need help. We have a great group of older kids + it’s often easier to ask them for help than an adult. Please be open, prepared to discuss whatever might come up here. While you’re here, reading this, it’s been suggested that we open our group with a circle every week, even just to discuss the day’s schedule. If you have strong feelings about this, please let me know.

This week, please bring:
North Family – It’s your turn to bring a game/activity for everyone to play in the morning!
Everything you want to bring that celebrates CATS
Whatever craft, puzzle or game your kids want for today
Lunch, snacks + drinks for your people

Up next:

March 24 – Forney Museum of Transportation @ 1 o’clock
Gray, Monica, Becky/Ed, Jen Swidler, Christine are going + already paid.

March 27 – Firetrucks + Things That Go (Guias)
Wheat Ridge Station 3 fire truck at 11 o’clock for a presentation / RC cars + drones 

April 3 Wizards + Witchcraft (Doherty)
Resin art + bug pinning / DnD / Potion-making / Wand-making / Boba smoothies

April 10 Easter Science (Martin)
Egg hunt / Dissolving peeps/Milk plastic toys

April 17 Dissection Day (Emming)
Owl pellets / Group dissection (order materials) / National Cheese Ball Day

April 24 – Rocks + Spray Paint (Jordan/Germé)
Concrete molds for garden art + planters (looking at you, mushrooms!) /
Rock painting, rock pets + whatever else / Make silly trophies for field day

In case you missed it, review + download our spring session calendar.


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