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We’re meeting at Matthews/Winters Park @ 1:30pm (1103 County Highway 93, Golden, CO). Head down the hill toward the little bridge over the water, but don’t cross it. There’s a deer trail to the right that heads into the woods, and that’s where we’ll be tucked away!

Bring some clothes prepped for mud, possibly a dry option in the car or at least a towel. As usual, water, sunscreen + snacks are recommended.

New here? You’re welcome to join our park days! Currently we consistently have 8-12 families showing up each week with kids aged 3-13. Whole families are welcome. We ask that you are a homeschooling family with at least one kiddo in the 5-16 age range.


We’ll be at Matthews/Winters Park for all of April. Please note that if they’re closed for mud, they do often post that onsite, where it may be a surprise. (You can try checking here before you leave home.) If/when it happens, we’ll meet across the road at Dinosaur Ridge (which, yes, requires a climb to the top, but is also super fun!).

April 20 – Matthews/Winters Park

April 27 – Matthews/Winters Park

Collected future options: Bear Creek Greenbelt (Lakewood), McKay Park (Broomfield), Clear Creek Canyon Park, Gateway Trailhead (Golden), Heritage Dells Park (Golden) Paco Sanchez Park (Denver), Memorial Park (Arvada), Fruitdale Park (Wheat Ridge). Feel free to suggest your favorite!


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