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Circle at 10:30am with Monica, just after our opening game/activity, to introduce the day’s theme + schedule. We’re practicing this opening for our group every week, but it is not required. This week, let’s talk about asking before we touch things that aren’t ours.

The owl pellets have arrived! We’ll set up our dissection tables + get started right after our circle. Those who ordered owl pellets, we’ll use paper plates + the tiny tools provided to figure out what prey our owls ate.

This week, we’re rock painting, making rock pets + whatever else we wanna do with rocks. So…bring rocks! If anyone has acrylic paint we can use or even sharpies work well, grab some of that/those. We have paint brushes in our art bin to share. I’ll bring a tarp to spread in the grass as a work area for this project, but we’ll need another one as well.

We’re also using spray paint to make silly trophies out of our stash for our field day celebration. Hopefully we have enough trophies for this – if you have any old ones to dedicate to this cause, we’ll use them! Let’s brainstorm some silly games + trophy names – like “Longest Hair Flip” or “Most Dramatic Eyeroll” – so that everyone goes home with a monster trophy that matches their persona.

This week, it’s all optional! Please bring:
Jordan/Germé Family – It’s your turn to bring a game/activity in the morning!
ROCKS! Bring rocks to paint or rocks to pound
Spray paint for the stockpile, so we have choices
Any old trophies you don’t mind sharing
Lunch, snacks + drinks for your people

Up next: Only 2 weeks remain!

May 1 LARPing + BFL (Soccer)
Live action role playing that usually involves the making of foam weapons
+ a sword “battle” / Makeup + costumes / Breakfast for lunch (BFL), potluck style

May 8 Dog Olympics / Track + Field Day / Popsicle Party (Obstacle course)
Obstacle course for people + dogs /  Water balloon catapult /
Challenges to win silly, spray-painted trophies (here, or here) /
We’ll end our semester with a smorgasbord of popsicles!

May 14-16 Camping at Sand Dunes National Park
We’re getting organized for this trip. If you’d like to reserve a spot, please check the camping post to see if there’s still room.

August 20-23 Camping at Pickle Gulch Park in Nederland. Sign up here.

September 11 First day of Fall Semester 2023

In case you missed it, review + download our spring session calendar.


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